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- Photography by Kathleen Moser -

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          A well done photographic portrait, like fine art, is a timeless memory. It captures a moment in time where the subject reveals and shares their inner spirit.
          I like to capture the essence of a person, a landscape or home, be it a house or heritage. Its more than a portrait, more than a peaceful autumn lane, it becomes you as you travel down that road, as you reflect on the sidewalks you travel and look through your grandmothers house. All these mark who we are, where we have come from, and the peace of what is yet to be.
          My goal is to capture the spirit of a person, place and thing because all are beautiful. An art piece should breathe life into itself and the admirer of that piece can sense it, feel it, and share it with their loved ones. The loved ones in return will desire to pass it on.

Portraits Commissions

Portraits "Secrets of Eve"

          Natural landscape scenes remind us of our 'Roots', this Earth we live on and all it's beauty and diversity. They can be of familiar home landscapes, places traveled to, or wish we had.


          Combining images and words can convey very inspirational, clear and often strong messages, and stories. Kathleen has published several such books.
Books by Kathleen Moser

          Flip through any one of the above books on your computer, and see just what can be done to capture, forever, your home, your life, and your memories. me if you would like to learn more about having your own History Book.

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